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My son has struggled with mental health for his whole life. We were so scared when he got arrested. But the best decision we made was to hire Mr. Olen to represent my son. He showed the judge that my son was not a criminal and got him out on diversion. I’m so thankful!

- Dulce M.

I was charged with domestic violence. I didn’t want to take a deal because I didn’t do anything wrong. We decided to go to trial, and Jared won my case! He’s a great attorney, and I now I recommend him to all my friends and family.

- Darren Q.

I’ve always had bad experiences with lawyers before. I don’t feel like they want to listen to me. But Mr. Olen is different. He really took the time to listen to me and understand my case. I am so grateful for what he did with my case. Thank you so much!

- Alex V.

When no one would believe that I was innocent, Jared investigated my case and convinced the DA that I didn’t do anything wrong. I was so happy when Jared said my case was going to be dismissed! He’s the best!!

- Rogelio A.

My parents hired Jared to defend me on a domestic violence case. Jared showed up to court and got me released from jail. He helped me through the process and got a great deal for my case. 5 stars.

- Edgar M.

The prosecutor tried to get my son’s case moved to adult court. But Mr. Olen was able to convince the judge to keep the case in juvenile court after explaining to the judge some difficult things my son was dealing with. I am so thankful!

- Maria S.

I was so scared to be charged with a DUI because I had never been in trouble before. But Jared walked me through the whole process and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. He got me a great result for my DUI. Thank you!

- Matt E.

Jared took ownership of my case and was able to tear down the prosecution’s case. He showed the judge that I was innocent and got my felony assault case dismissed at preliminary hearing. Definitely would recommend if you’re charged with a felony.

- Jesus G.

If you want the best, hire Jared! He took the time to understand my case and explained everything to me. He got me a great deal on my felony case where I didn’t have do any jail time. That was such a relief!

- Christian V.

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