Category: Restraining Order

Category: Restraining Order
| May 21st 2024

When someone files for a restraining order in Los Angeles County, the court schedules a restraining order hearing. This hearing determines whether the court will issue a temporary or permanent restraining order. The outcome depends on the evidence presented and the judge's interpretation of the situation. The process can be stressful without a clear awareness […]

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| May 18th 2024

If you break a restraining order, you might wonder if it will stick on your record. This is a big deal because it can affect many parts of your life, like getting a job or renting a home. Most times, yes, this kind of violation does show up on your record. Olen Firm Criminal Defense Lawyers know […]

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| May 15th 2024

When you hear about legal measures like protective orders and restraining orders, it might seem like they're the same thing. But there are key differences that are important to know. Both types of orders are used by courts to protect individuals by legally preventing someone else from engaging in certain actions. Knowing which type of […]

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| May 11th 2024

In California, workplace violence restraining orders are a legal measure. They protect employees from potential harm. These orders are vital in maintaining safety temporary order within the workplace. They restrict the accused's ability to come near or contact the threatened individual. This type of restraining order can prevent further violence or harassment. Olen Firm Criminal […]

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