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| April 19th 2024

A domestic violence restraining order is issued to protect victims of domestic violence from further abuse and includes provisions such as maintaining a specified distance or contact. When someone asks, "Are restraining orders public record?" they usually worry about their privacy. A restraining order is a court order to protect someone from being harmed or […]

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| April 16th 2024

Facing domestic violence charges in California can feel overwhelming and scary. It's natural to wonder if there's any way to get these charges dismissed and avoid the severe consequences they bring. The good news is that dismissal is possible under certain circumstances with the right approach and legal help. At Olen Firm Criminal Defense Lawyers, […]

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| April 12th 2024

In the United States, the right to bear arms is highly valued. But there are strict laws about who can and cannot possess firearms. If you fall into the category of a prohibited person under federal law, having a gun can lead to grievous trouble. These rules aim to prevent gun violence and protect community […]

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| April 10th 2024

In California, domestic violence laws protect individuals from harm within a household. These laws cover a wide range of behaviors. They include everything from physical violence to emotional abuse. These laws cover spouses, cohabitants, and those in dating relationships. The state takes these offenses seriously, and the consequences for violators can be severe. Knowing these […]

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| April 06th 2024

Many people question whether accusations of domestic violence can lead to felony charges. The law may categorize domestic violence either as a misdemeanor or a felony. It hinges on specific details of the incident. At Olen Firm Criminal Defense Lawyers, we specialize in clarifying this distinction for our clients. We provide expert guidance and defense […]

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| January 18th 2024

Carrying a concealed weapon in California comes with specific rules and locations where it's strictly prohibited. California's concealed carry laws are among the strictest in the nation, focusing heavily on public safety. Knowing where you can and cannot carry a concealed weapon is vital for responsible firearm ownership. At Olen Firm Criminal Defense Lawyers, we understand […]

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| December 29th 2023

Understanding what legally counts as possessing a firearm is vital. Many people think possession means physically holding a gun, but it's more complex. The law examines several factors to decide if someone possesses a firearm. At Olen Firm Criminal Defense Lawyers, we understand how illegal possession of a gun can impact a convicted felon or […]

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| March 28th 2023

Penal Code 1473.7 is a powerful tool in California law to reverse the adverse immigration consequences of some criminal convictions, such as deportation, denial of naturalization, denial of amnesty, and exclusion from entering the United States. The law looks for people who would not have taken a plea deal if they knew it had specific […]

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| March 27th 2023

DUI is a legal acronym for Driving Under the Influence, commonly known as drunk driving. It's a criminal offense in California that the prosecution will typically use your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to prove. The amount of alcohol in your body can affect your judgment, depth perception, and balance. That's primarily based on how many […]

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| January 06th 2023

Senate Bill 1393 became effective on January 1, 2019. In short, Senate Bill 1393 restores a trial court’s discretion to strike five-year sentencing enhancements that were previously mandatory under Penal Code section 667(a). This means that five-year enhancement for previous “serious felony” convictions are no longer mandatory. Did SB 1393 pass? Yes, this new law […]

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